Why You Should Stop Advertising &
Start to Use Marketing

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June 23, 2018

Why You Should Stop Advertising & Start to Use Marketing

Turn off your advertising right now, If you have the business gaps described in this article.

1. Your brand does not have Buyer Personas Profiles

Stop selling right now. Start talking with your clients, helping to solve their needs and problems, based on data on their behavior and experience. You have an incredible opportunity, unlike a startup. You can ask your customers what they want and what they need. Marketing ceased to be B2B or B2C, it became the H2H (human to human), more segmented, ultra specified and personalized. 

In the era of digital consumers, brands should not seek to be the ideal, as before, but they should to be more human centered: open and honest. The brand must demonstrate human qualities to build a relationship with the consumer at the H2H level. The basis of this approach is the qualitative collection of complete data about your client, conducting analysis and creation of Buyer Personas.

Why you should stop advertising and start to use marketing

2. You think that there is no difference between marketing and advertising 

Most online marketing agencies in the world provide only two kinds of services: advertising or branding. Although in fact, marketing has a completely different meaning and concept. Today, in the network more than 1000 definitions of this concept have been found. However, when marketing was invented, it was based on the 4P's marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion). That is why we can conclude that advertising is only one-fourth of all marketing, but the first place takes precisely the product.

It's ridiculous that in 2018, after more than 70 years of the marketing development, the product value improvement still remains the main trend. The main technical or emotional differences between competitors, as well as the value of this product for the consumer stay the most important to get competitive advantage. It seems that people just forget to add the quality and value in their products or services. They usually perform advertising, forgetting about what really matter.

Turn off your advertising, if you do not differentiate from your competitors, the product has no real value for customers and does not help them. Do not waste your money. That's why clients do not want to come back to your brand. You just the perception value for user.

3. You do not use customer, market and content segmentation

According to the research conducted by American Marketing Association, on average, every person in the world sees more than 3000 advertisements every day. If this figure surprised you, it once again confirmed the fact that this is not advertising, but social noise. It does not reach the end user, it does not have a final destination, which means that it is not needed by anyone. The advertisement looks awful and uninteresting. Let's remember, how many messages did you miss and passed through unnecessary banners today?

There are two solutions:

The first solution is to divide your audience by industries and positions, products, customers' needs and pains. Create content based on this. Then your advertising will become more targeted and needful. It will reach people that should to be reached.
The second one is to form the communities, interacting with the clients. These communities protect customers from spam and irrelevant advertising. The brand should ask a permission to interact with the clients and to build a trusting relationship. The brand should act as a friend - benefiting and solving the problems of the community's members.

PS. Know your customers, make real value, target better and build trust.

So, what marketing problems does your business face?

Yours faithfully,
Vlad Sapozhnykov

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