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Founder of Adloonix marketing agency, Vladyslav Sapozhnykov, Владислав Сапожников

About Adloonix

Who we are ?

Adloonix increases brand awareness and drives higher quality leads to sales for brands & startups with the proven use of the data-driven SEO, PPC, CRO, or digital strategies, ensuring on-time implementation.

We are an independent digital marketing agency. Our team is like a small friendly family. Each of us adores marketing.

We complete our tasks quickly because we love what we do. We are definitely "hungry".

What we do ?

1. We help brands to increase marketing effectiveness via our marketing assist leading within 3,6 to 12 months choosing the one out of our pricing plans.

2. We help brands to launch an advertising campaign, promote the new product or the additional business project, using our proven process (analysis-strategy-implementation).

3. We help startups to test their ideas by Lean methodology (prototyping or making MVPs).

How we do ?

Adloonix makes what every business owner wants: we help a brand to grow and to become remarkable.

Ask how? We analyze the current brand condition and looking for new opportunities. Then we increase the perceived value that a product has in the mind of the consumer by creating a strategy. Finally, we implement modern technologies making the brand more accessible and mobile to its fans.

That's how brands grow with us.

Our vision

Analysis of Data (Statistics, Indicators) + Increasing Perceived Product Value + Building Customer loyalty + Technologies Implementation - the future of any business.

Our big idea

Adloonix delivers marketing with competitive advantage so remarkable & clear that every brand can become a leader in its business niche.

Our brand story

Good marketing should make your brand happy every day. Get more from your marketing right now and make your brand a little bit happier.

Our mission

The mission of Adloonix is to inspire brands to perform remarkable, target & clear marketing worldwide! Almost every person in the world sees 3000+ advertisement messages per day. The majority recognizes that it is just a noise.

We sure that advertisement should be targeted at the specific audience. If somebody wants to buy the shoes now, we should give him an opportunity right away to choose it from the big collection via the internet. It is a win-win strategy. It is the creation of solutions where company wins, the customer wins, the community wins. After all, our mind will become more clear without excess noise from unnecessary advertisement.

Marketers around the world create new technologies to strive and develop in such direction. Adloonix will help customers and community go along this way, to the very perfection and complete clarity of in developing that system.

Our goals

We are going to:

1. Create the 500 marketing systems based on data-driven analysis for brands till 2020.

2. Investigate 8 particular sectors of the economy in details until 2031 and gain the maximum expertise in each industry and every sector.

3. Penetrate into the market of the 5 continents and to maintain a quality mark for the at least one century.

Our values

Love. Clarity. Elegance. Perfection.

Love. We do everything with love, therefore we give to each client more than he/she expects! We love what we do and we invest in the projects: our unusual ideas, unlimited creativity & precious time!

Clarity. Observance of clarity and simplicity. We believe that life is complicated enough, that's why we try to simplify marketing and business. Therefore, we intelligibly explain all the nuances and trivia, to those who first meet real marketing.

Elegance. Everything we do, we do with taste. Our calculations are accurate. A computer program or algorithm is elegant if it uses a small amount of code for a great effect. As for marketing, a solution may be considered elegant if it uses a non-obvious method to produce a solution which is highly effective and simple.

Perfection. Yes, we have our own weaknesses. We are scrupulous and thorough. Perhaps we are exacting in gathering information or in drawing up plans, but the result speaks louder than words! Also, we know that not everybody will notice it that but our "back wall of the wardrobe" is perfect.

Process of work

Ideas created


Tasks comlpeted


Documents printed




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Our Leadership Team

  • SMM, social media strategiest


    Chief SMM Strategist

  • Marketing business analyst & CPC, PPC manager


    Chief Analyst & CPC manager

  • Business strategist


    Chief Business Strategist

  • Chief technical officer


    Chief technical officer


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