Three spheres

Marketing agency for utility solar company brand

Success Story

Energising sales

The solar company almost doubled its web revenues in just 5 months
when Adloonix prepared a series of highly segmented new products & ad campaigns for it.

3.5x 68% 2x 41%
growth in year-over-year
increase in website visits return on ad investment
over 6 months
lower cost per click

Their Story

Transparent savings

Three spheres is the full-service solar provider. They make clean energy available for businesses, houseowners and
schools at a lower cost than they pay for energy generated by burning fossil fuels
like oil, natural gas and coal.

Their Goal

Reach, awareness, sales

Three spheres needed to reach a massive audience to raise awareness and grow its share
of the premium segment. It also needed to showcase the new solar panels' for
home features to convert awareness and engagement into purchase.

"By regularly monitoring what is and isn’t working, Adloonix has been able to
tailor the ads for each audience segment. Now that we’ve seen
the results, we plan to invest more in the advertisement."

- Olga Gryshenko, COO, Three Spheres



All ad campaigns were segmented by the main target audiences, grouped mainly by demographics, and designed to drive brand new visitors to the website. With a steady flow of new web traffic, the teams then ran highly relevant dynamic ads featuring different products, which were based on different social user profile segments.

Solar company marketing case, example


Effective recruitment of participants

  • By consistently segmenting audiences and tweaking campaigns accordingly, Three Spheres has driven conversion costs down and revenues up. Between October 2015–January 2017, it achieved:
  • 3.5x growth in year-over-year revenue
  • 68% increase in website visits
  • 2x return on ad investment over 6 months
  • 41% lower cost per click.

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