You perfect

Marketing case - beauty salon, SaaS, IT solution

Success Story

Making beauty dreams come true

Adloonix helped the CRM company for beauty salons used the offline & online marketing
to engage with its target audience.

1+1 50+ 50 000
deep marketing analysis
& marketing plan
people reached

Their Story

Democratising beauty

You perfect is an online CRM for beauty salons' owners and service ordering for regular clients, founded in 2016.
It offers managing finance on all sorts of beauty salons & attracting new customers.

Their Goal

Expanding reach and sales

You perfect wanted to quickly test the market's reaction to its products, without
the long-term timescales and risks associated with development.


Partnering up

Adloonix used Facebook Ads to run an integrated campaign that reached its audience online and encouraged them to take an action offline. The simple adverts featured an image with accompanying text. Following the "Check in" or "Learn More" call-to-action buttons, people saw a context card that outlined some of the offerings. The adverts invited people to submit their email to receive more information about the CRM.

Marketing for SaaS companies

Services Used Objectives


Effective recruitment of participants

  • Its ongoing campaign, which began in May 2016, achieved:
  • 50+ salons registered
  • 50 000 people reached
  • Digital marketing for beauty salon, case, example

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