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Success Story

Sharing a business’s story

When Adloonix worked with Fab.Star English, we tested the multichannel ad campaign.
They were so happy with the results that it stepped up its ad spend
and achieved its lowest cost per lead.

125% 1st, 5th 3x 10-point
increase in sales places in local & organic
google search listing
by main keywords
increase in product awareness
(people aged 18–24)
return on ad investment
over 5 months

Their Story

Best face forward

Fab.Star English is the school of English, founded in 2013. It offers
individual & group classes. That school helps to succeded in passing the exams such as TOEFL or FCE
and developing the level of English language for the learners.

Their Goal

Rapid recruitment

Fab.Star English wanted to grow awareness of the brand by demonstrating the value and quality it
offers customers. It also hoped to grow business revenues by boosting sales.

"The multichannel & omnichannel campaigns made by Adloonix
helped us gain a great reputation and allowed us to build
a solid community and a great fan base around our brand."

- Oleg Pobiguy, Co-founder, Fab.Star English


Target, market and convert

Really great work was done by Adloonix. Our team started with marketing analysis and found lots of strong competitors on the market. It should be made USP proposition should have been made to fight with them in ads war. When we learned about the ideal customer we made a marketing strategy based on the multichannel source. The most effective instruments that we used were: SMM, local SEO, Instagram & facebook paid ads. We strongly recommended the Fab.star to working in such a way.

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Effective recruitment of participants

  • The Fab.star English took the 2nd place in the top rating of best English schools in Dnipro city. Its April 2015–May 2016 campaign produced results that exceeded expectations:
  • 125% increase in sales
  • 1st, 5th places in local & organic google search listing by main keywords
  • 3x increase in product awareness (people aged 18–24)
  • 10-point return on ad investment over 5 months.
  • Got on the first page of Google local ranking.
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