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Success Story

Getting a head start in online sales

Adloonix used analysis of target audience & carousel adverts which helped a business increase its online sales fourfold and
find potential students persuading them to register for a digital marketing course.

4x 55% 1 90%
increase in return
on ad spend
lower cost per purchase the best target audience
was found
(women aged 23,29)
of registrations for course
leads came from Facebook

Their Story

New digital age

Online learning courses Promarketing was founded in 2015. The first of its kind in Europe, it gives across the world
access to online courses of industry specialists across the world, along with round-the-clock support.

Their Goal

Promoting courses

Owners were launching new digital marketing courses, so they wanted to reach potential students online,
let them know about the courses and encourage them to register. The company wanted
to drive 2X more leads on Facebook and cut its cost per lead in 30%.

"The growth has been exponential. Adloonix relied on Instagram's & Facebook’s
sophisticated tools to help us reach a precise audience
on a huge scale, build brand awareness and engage with students. "

- Arpina Wintz, Recruiter, Promarketing


Smart testing

Adloonix's team used Facebook & Instagram to grab the attention of potential students. We offered free resources, like the video masterclass and a podcast about the self-publishing industry, which we promoted through its popular Facebook Page and with targeted ads. To launch the online course, Adloonix ran a one-month campaign that used series of ads with specific campaign objectives. First, we got people to click through promarketing website with photo and video ads, increasing awareness of its course and encouraging people to sign up for the mailing list. So, statistics showed that women aged 23, 29 have the most of interest. That's why we continue to advertise for that audience. We tested that fact & then ROI indicator showed the excellent result.

Marketing agency for courses


Off to the races

  • Showing a targeted carousel adverts at the right time on Facebook helped encourage more people to register for Promarketing courses. Its campaign ran from June 2016–December 2017 and achieved these results:
  • 4x increase in return on ad spend
  • 55% lower cost per purchase
  • 1 the best target audience was found (women aged 23,29)
  • 90% of registrations for course leads came from Facebook.
  • Got on the first page of Google local ranking.
  • Marketing agency for education courses

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