Ghent Altarpiece


Success Story

An artfully engaging MVP launch

The Adloonix launched multichannel advertising to encourage people to sign up
or donate for an opportunity to participate in that program. As a result, it was possible
to confirm many hypotheses, find a target audience and set up the successful ads campaigns.

2 2 million 0,003 € 0,26 €
target audiences
are found
people reached cost per click
decreased from 4 € to
cost per lead
decreased from 250 € to

Their Story

Celebration of a master

Oksana Mas is a contemporary artist and the organizer of "ArtTogether", a global interactive
art project aimed at visualizing the new cultural code of the modern generation and uniting
people at a time of political and social turmoil.

Their Goal

Making an online impression

Ghent Altarpiece Together is a project with a goal to unite all people around the world.
Since 2009, they have managed to collect 380,000 eggs and showcase
the installation assembled at the 54th Venice Biennale (watch a video below).
But now in 2017, it’s time for digital technologies to step in for the benefit of humanity.
That’s why with launched,
that aims to erase physical boundaries between countries,
cultures and languages to bring people together online.

"Facebook, Youtube, Instagram & Google Ads allowed us
to engageand inspire a global audience on a day-to-day basis and
invite them to interact with our worldwide program. We found
that the combination of great content, web development and targeted
advertising allowed us to create continuously relevant
interactions with fans of the Ghent Altarpiece together,
as well as those who haven’t yet learnt about it yet."

- Vladyslav Sapozhnykov, Founder & Chief Marketer, Adloonix


The big question

The Ghent Altarpiece team wanted to get knowledge about engaging people online in such kinds of programs. They wanted to find new markets, new target audiences and transfer their program from offline into the online way as well as. Also to tap into the huge market share available on the Internet. In this case, Adloonix made the SMM strategy based on Buyer personas and created many hypotheses. We tested a lot of creatives and tools in socials. Statistics showed that the instagram stories gave us the biggest quantity and the cheapest leads. We started to create other hypotheses based on new creatives and countries. The leads went from the 15 different countries.


Services Used Objectives


Deep engagement

  • With our Multichannel campaigns, the Ghent Altarpiece created a deep connection with art & travel lovers across the world. October 2017:
  • 2 target audiences are found
  • 2 million people reached
  • cost per click decreased from 4 € to 0,003 €
  • cost per leaddecreased from 250 € to 0,26 €

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