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Success Story

Traffic adverts recruit children of the Jewish mothers

The Adloonix marketing team launched advertising for leads & traffic to encourage people to
to sign up and learn about its educational program, resulting in a nearly
twofold increase in overall lead volume.

22% 7-point 50+ 86%
lower cost per lead with
instagram &
google ads
increase in product
(among aged 18–24)
total number
of leads
in engagement

Their Story

Jewish youth organization

Shiurey Torah Lubavitch (STL) is the Jewish youth movement, founded in 2002. It offers the meetings,
trips, camps and own media projects in Austria & Ukraine. There are different platforms for children,
teenagers and young people.

Their Goal

Increase in the number of leads

The company wanted to boost the number of potential Jewish people aged 18-24. In particular,
it wanted to reach children of Jewish mothers.

"It's rare to find a new channel, that moves the needle to this extent.
We tested multichannel marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads,
Youtube. Then we analyzed statistics and understood that Instagram &
Google Ads helped us significantly increase the number of leads
within 2 days. We were able to test different design options & techniques
in socials faster than using other channels, and it helped form the way
we think about reaching potential students on a grander scale."

- Alex Dobronravov, PPC manager, Adloonix


Custom targeting

Firstly, we designed the 4 Buyer personas. We found the core pains of the target audience and wrote the content on the website on that basis. The understanding of the clients wants and pains help us to create the promotion (multichannel) strategy and UI/UX mock-up for the web development.

STL wanted to get the most out of the market share available on the Internet. With the help of advertising for the avatars, it was possible to increase the number of quality leads and attract new students. In this case, a simple advertisement with image and text was used.

For example, photos of usual lessons were paired with text promoting to take part in the educational course, and on the desktop image, there was an inscription "Do you have the Jewish roots? When you clicked the "More Details" button, a context card was opened with information about what is included in the program (for example, individual lessons and access to a huge resource library) or the website. Advertising invited people to indicate their email. address for more information about the program. "

Marketing agency for educational school, university


Recruiting 2.0

  • The smart using of Buyer personas, Multichannel strategy and A/B testing, as well as its decision to use lead adverts, resulted in a successful campaign. Running from October to November 2017, the campaign achieved:
  • 50+ total number of leads
  • 16% increase in engagement with STL advisors as a result of quality leads
  • 22% lower cost per lead with instagram & google ads
  • 86% increase in engagement.

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