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Adloonix focused on the 8 economic sectors to maximize expertise and gain the necessary background. As a consequence, our team can practice realizing the greatest results for our customers. That is why we decided that we will get more projects and develop our skills in every particular sector every 3 years.

Information Technology

The IT Sector includes the next areas: Services & Technology Software, including businesses that originally produce software in different areas such as the systems, applications, Internet, home entertainment and/or databases management, and organizations that contribute services and information technology consulting, as well as data processing and outsourced services.

Market Cap: 8.76T € - 01/01/2018
Market Weight: 24.07% - 01/01/2018
Performance: %, Change +36.82% - 1 year


The education sector is completely united into society, through synergies with other sectors and a great number of stakeholders. It covers the next areas: Educational management, professional courses, training & coaching and other international programs, local communities, religious leaders, justice and law enforcement, media and political & business leadership.

Market Cap: 3.67T € - 01/01/2018
Market Weight: 12.87% - 01/01/2018
Performance: %, Change +25.4% - 1 year

Consumer Discretionary

The Consumer Discretionary Sector comprises those industries that serve to be the most susceptible to economic cycles. Its production share covers leisure equipment, household durable goods, automotive and textiles & apparel. The services sector covers, restaurants, hotels and other leisure facilities, services and media production, and services and consumer retailing.

Market Cap: 5.45T € - 01/01/2018
Market Weight: 12.17% - 01/01/2018
Performance: %, Change +17.67% - 1 year

Real estate

The Real Estate Sector includes all REITs, with the privilege of Mortgage REITs, (which prevail in the Financial sector). Additionally, the sector includes Development services and Real Estate Management.Media often refers to the "real estate market," from the perspective of residential living, real estate can be grouped into three broad categories based on its use: residential, commercial and industrial.

Market Cap: 1.20T € - 01/01/2018
Market Weight: 2.91% - 01/01/2018
Performance: %, Change +9.7% - 1 year

Health Care

The Healthcare Sector includes two industry groups. The first covers firms who produce supplies and healthcare equipment or provide healthcare correlated services, including distributors of healthcare products. The second regroups organizations involved in the development, research, production and marketing of biotechnology products and pharmaceuticals.

Market Cap: 4.96T € - 01/01/2018
Market Weight: 14.00% - 01/01/2018
Performance: %, Change +21.25% - 1 year


The Financial Sector includes businesses connected to industries such as mortgage finance, banking, specialized finance, consumer finance, brokerage and investment banking, custody and asset management, insurance, corporate lending, real estate, financial investment, investment trusts (REITs), as well as companies engaged in real estate development & management.

Market Cap: 7.82T € - 01/01/2018
Market Weight: 14.83% - 01/01/2018
Performance: %, Change +19.21% - 1 year


The Industrials Sector covers firms whose interests are managed by one of the following motions: The distribution and manufacture of capital goods, industrial machinery and electrical equipment, building & engineering products, including defence & aerospace, construction. The provision of transportation services, including couriers, rail & road, airlines, transportation infrastructure and marine.

Market Cap: 4.18T € - 01/01/2018
Market Weight: 10.04% - 01/01/2018
Performance: %, Change +16.16% - 1 year


The Utilities Sector includes those businesses regarded as gas, water or electric utilities or firms that act as autonomous producers and/or merchants of power. Because utilities require significant infrastructure, these firms often carry large amounts of debt; with a high debt load. Utilities are essential services that play a vital role in economic and social development.

Market Cap: 1.31T € - 01/01/2018
Market Weight: 3.05% - 01/01/2018
Performance: %, Change +15.73% - 1 year

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